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Nowhere Kitchen: DOCUMENTATION

Nowhere Kitchen is a migrant culinary performance and research project created and developed by Pepe Dayaw. It is based on the philosophies of leftovers or the improvised game of cooking with what is there. Through the creative use of leftovers, a contemporary theatre based on cooking animates any specific local situation, giving it a global twist. It is inspired by vocabularies of experience of migrant bodies and their embodied knowledge of intuitive fusion and survival.

In 2012, Pepe began a performance series in Madrid where he made leftover dinners in private houses. Since then, this practice has traveled to four continents and evolved into a fluid form of social theatre. In March 2022, after a decade of leftover cooking, Pepe engages in creative forms of DIY-Anthropology exploring the leftovers of this process and publish the documentaries through a radio format, video and zine series.

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Atelier Pepe Dayaw

Pepe Dayaw is an independent choreographer and researcher. In his work is a blend of folklores and technologies (teknofoklorika) learned from many improvised places: street and public life, radio & TV, teachers he has met along the way, and the experience of travel and migration. One unique experience he has was to work for seven years in an Christian church in Manila that performed a liturgy based on research on indigenized cultures in the Philippines. As part of the dance company who also performed cultural dance theatre pieces, he also traveled to different islands to learn first-hand the rituals, music and dance traditions from different ethnolinguistic groups. To compliment his school of life, he had academic education in humanities and studied three master’s degrees: art history, theatre studies and performance research, and performing arts and visual culture.

Currently, Pepe is doing creative research on ecologic fashion arts through working with leftover fabrics, creating dance sessions and choreographic work based on his own mix of techniques inspired by his own experience as a migrating person, and self-publishing recipes and performing stories about his unique style of cooking as a creative Filipino living in Europe.

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